APSO WARNS OF SCAMS – 9/19/2018 3:16 PM


The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office is receiving reports of scammers who are attempting to have victims pay a fine to avoid jail time.

The scammers call the victims and identify themselves as a deputy or investigator with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office. They tell the victims to pay money they apparently owe to the Sheriff’s Office, for certain services.

In a further attempt at legitimacy, the caller gives the victim a telephone number to call to verify that the caller is indeed a member of the law enforcement community. Of course, the number given just calls the scammers back, rendering the “verification” pointless.

Sheriff Wiley reminds you that we do not operate in this manner. We will never call you to collect money for fines or warrants.

If you receive a call like this, do not send money or divulge personal information to the caller. Simply hang up. You can always call the sheriff’s office at 225-621-8300 to report these calls.