Dawn Shivers Scholarship

Retired Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley established a scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors in honor of Dawn Shivers, a retired employee of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office. Dawn passed away in May 2013 fighting a long battle with cancer. This year will be the second year for the scholarship fund.

Dawn was diagnosed on August 19, 2009 with bone cancer. Dawn believed in God and always had an encouraging word for everyone she came in contact with. Dawn was loyal to her church, her family, and her place of employment; the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The purpose of the Dawn Shivers Memorial Scholarship fund is to honor her sweet spirit and continue her legacy as a vessel through Christ, and to also encourage others who may be fighting the same cancer battles to keep pushing and stay strong, added Wiley, Retired Sheriff.

Dawn started her career with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office in 1998 as a correctional officer at the Ascension Parish Jail. She shared dual roles between transportation, where she transported inmates, and acted as a correctional officer for over ten years.

In March of 2011 Dawn joined the Inmate Programs Division in the jail to provide support to the instructors and tutored students in the GED/ Literacy program. Dawn was always professional and dedicated to the program. Her interactions with the inmates were always encouraging and positive. She played all the roles of a good steward in that she was a counselor, a guide, and teacher to the many inmates she helped towards them earning their GED while incarcerated.  Dawn believed that the benefit of education, among the other rehabilitation efforts, would help them while they are incarcerated and after they are released.

Most knew about her battle with bone cancer, but her attitude was always positive and upbeat. In many ways Dawn’s spirit and service to her family, workplace, church, and community was her own personal ministry of help and excellence.

The Dawn Shivers Memorial scholarship will continue to honor one of Ascension Parish Sheriff’s finest.

Applications must be mailed in no later than April 1, 2023.