Public Records Request

How to Obtain a Public Record

All public records requests MUST be sent in writing by U.S. Mail to the custodian of records at the following address:

Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office
828 S. Irma Blvd.
Gonzales, LA 70737
Attn: Deputy Kyle Gautreau

To ensure that the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office has sufficient opportunity to respond as required by law, a request will not be deemed received if transmitted by any other method.

Accident reports, initial reports and booking sheets can be obtained in person at any of the following locations: Donaldsonville Courthouse, Sheriff’s Office Headquarters, District 2, or District 3. Accident reports can also be obtained online here.

All criminal records are generally considered privileged and are not subject to release until adjudicated or otherwise settled. The following types of records continue to be privileged even after adjudication and will not be released in response to a public records request:

  • Records identifying an undercover deputy or officer
  • Records identifying confidential sources
  • Records identifying juvenile criminal or status offenders
  • Records identifying in any way victims of sexual offenses
  • Records detailing investigative techniques or investigative technical equipment
  • Records detailing security procedures
  • Records containing training information

The above does not represent a comprehensive list of exemptions. The custodian of records may withhold the release of records for other legally identifiable exemptions.

After the determination is made to release a public record, an invoice shall be provided. All costs must be paid prior to release. Payments by cash, credit card or money order can be made in person at 828 S. Irma Blvd. Gonzales, LA 70737 or by money order via U.S. Mail. Check payment allowed for law firms and insurance companies only.


Documents – $1.00 per page
Photographs – $5.00 per page
Audio/Video Recordings – $1.00 per minute + $10.00 per disc