By now all must know about the tragic event in Baton Rouge resulting in the loss of a person’s life during encounter with two Baton Rouge Police Officers two nights ago.

Neither you nor I, nor most people know all of the circumstances surrounding the death of Alton Sterling. What I do know is that the law enforcement leaders in Baton Rouge, namely Chief of Police Carl Dabadie and District Attorney Hillar Moore are men of the highest character and integrity. I further offer that Mayor Kip Holden has demonstrated over his 12 years as mayor, strong and honorable leadership.

That said, I think it is wise that we would all allow the proper authorities to investigate this shooting and that while we remain interested in the updates, we should NOT jump to conclusions nor should we be a part of a rush to judgment on either side.

**It has come to my attention through several sources that there is now a growing concern that there are “planned” activities by demonstrators in certain commercial areas of Baton Rouge and that the public should be warned to stay out of Baton Rouge. I have been personally involved in discussions with Baton Rouge leaders as recent as this afternoon and there is no evidence or indication or viable information that any of this is credible.

I can assure you that those in charge of public safety in Baton Rouge, “not facebook rumors”, would be the first to alert the public should there be a cause to do so.

I respectfully ask that all citizens recognize the enormously difficult job that investigators have in piecing this together in seeking a just conclusion. Let’s allow them to do this, both sides deserves this.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Sterling family and the Baton Rouge Police Department.