Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Detectives were able to solve 31 burglaries in Ascension Parish with the arrests of Eric Troquille, his brother Devin Troquille, and Joshua Livingston last week. Deputies are now searching for a fourth suspect, identified as 18-year-old Austin Gilbert, who is also involved in the burglaries, according to Sheriff Jeff Wiley.

Last Tuesday, October 18, deputies began a search in the Dutchtown Lane and Highway 74 area attempting to locate 31-year-old Eric Troquille and his 18-year-old brother Devin. Deputies arrested Devin and he was transported to the Ascension Parish Jail.

During the investigation, deputies learned a third suspect, Joshua Livingston, 20, was involved in the burglaries and he was arrested last Wednesday evening.

Eric Troquille then turned himself into detectives last Thursday morning and he was transported to the Ascension Parish Jail.

As the investigation continued, detectives were able to link the four men to committing multiple burglaries.

All three men were charged with 31 counts of simple burglary of a vehicle, 29 counts of criminal trespass, three counts simple burglary of a residence, six counts theft of a firearm, simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling, and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Deputies are now searching for Austin Gilbert who will be facing the same charges.

“Thankfully we have brought to justice one group of thieves in the Dutchtown/Geismar area,” said Sheriff Wiley. “Furthermore, this is yet another stark reminder for all citizens to protect themselves and their property and that should start with locking your doors at all time.”

This case is still under investigation.