When attempting to secure the release of a friend or relative from the Ascension Parish Jail, a bond must be posted with the 23rd Judicial Court system through the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office. Currently there are three types of bonds that are accepted: Property, Surety, and Cash.

How to post a Property Bond

There are six primary steps associated with securing a property bond.
  1. Pick up a Property Assessment certificate from the Assessor’s office located at either the Gonzales or Donaldsonville courthouse.
  2. Purchase a mortgage certificate from the Clerk of Court for $20 for the first name and $10 for each additional name. CASH ONLY.
  3. Go to Sheriff’s Office, also located in the courthouse either in Gonzales or Donaldsonville, to get the bond prepared. There is a $30 fee (cash only).
  4. Bring the prepared bond to a 23rd Judicial District Court Judge to have them approve and sign it.
  5. Get the bond recorded in the Clerk of Court’s Office. The fee is $70 for the first bond and $60 for each additional bond, CASH ONLY, which includes a cancellation fee. (Notice: At the time of cancellation there is a $100 fee for each appearance bond, made payable by MONEY ORDER ONLY, to the 23rd JDC District Attorney’s Office to cancel each bond.)
  6. After signing the bond they will be served a court notice date. Once released make sure the arrested person appears before the court on the assigned date.

How to post a Surety Bond

A Surety Bond is supplied by a state approved bonding agency. There are several bonding agents operating in Ascension Parish. They can be located in the phone book yellow pages or online under “Bail Bonds.” Once contacted, the bonding agent will issue an insurance policy in the amount of the bond. Your bonding agent can guide you through the process. On average bonding agents charge 12% of the amount of the bond as a fee.

How to post a Cash Bond

The total amount of the bond must be paid in either cash or certified funds (money order or cashier’s check). You will get the money back when the arrested person is finished with court and court proceedings. In many cases a form can be signed and any court fines due are held from the deposited funds.